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Storm with Lightning


West Texas Storms

West Texas winds can be tough on roofs! Shingles can be torn, split or completely blown away. This sort of damage also demands the attention of qualified roofing contractors. If left untreated, leaks and serious water damage can occur, and over time can even threaten the structural integrity of your roof. A word of advice - don’t procrastinate repairs!

Normally, after big storms come through, there are several “storm chaser” companies that will come into the area hoping to profit. However, G&M Roofing is a local, fully licensed and insured roofing business. Our trained roofing professionals are highly qualified to check out the damage, provide an estimate, and repair or install a new roof. We’ve been serving Midland and Odessa for well over 40 years.

Call or contact us today and we will provide the honest, excellent service you've come to expect from our company!

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